The Case Method

About Case-Based Learning

Traditional learning focuses on content knowledge absorption, memorization, and other basic thinking skills. In case-based learning, students work on real-world challenges that build higher-order thinking skills. 

Students move beyond worksheets with right and wrong answers to open-ended questions that require active discovery and critical thinking to resolve. This exploratory approach allows students to integrate their knowledge in new ways while developing critical life skills in the process.

Case-based learning has been used extensively in leading business, law, and medical schools to prepare students for the real practices of work. At STRIPES, we have refined the case method with innovative case challenges that are fun, engaging, and prepare students for the real world. 

Benefits of Case-Based Learning

  • Builds critical thinking and other higher-order skills
  • Promotes knowledge through active application
  • Integrates learning across multiple disciplines
  • Allows for active exploration and scientific inquiry
  • Encourages critical reflection and self-reflection
  • Builds collaboration and other interpersonal skills